19 Jul 2023

We Want to Meet You!

1 minute read

We at Ring of Fire Metals love talking to and getting to know you. We are committed to keeping you informed and our favourite way to do that is by visiting you in your community.

A typical community visit will involve Ryan Tuomi (Community Engagement Manager) and Scott Jacob (Community Relations Manager), who are often joined by others, like Stephen Crozier (VP, Sustainability) and Glenn Nolan (VP, Indigenous Enterprises). We will bring a presentation and lots of maps and images showing what our deposits, mine plan and Esker Site look like. We can also tailor our visit to the needs and interests of your community.

If you are interested in a community visit, please reach out – our lines are always open! You can call or email us with any questions you have. Also, you can request information and materials for your community, such as maps and information sheets.

Ryan and Scott can be reached by email at rtuomi@rofmetals.com and sjacob@rofmetals.com or phone at 807-285-4808. We can also set up a video call to have a virtual chat!